Course Curriculum

    1. Lesson 1.1. What is UX?

    2. Lesson 1.2. What is UX Writing?

    3. Lesson 1.3. What Makes a Good UX Writer?

    4. Lesson 1.4. A UX Writer by Any Other Names

    5. Lesson 1.5. A UX Writer's Responsibilities

    6. Lesson 1.6. User Flows and Flow Charts

    7. Quiz 1

    1. Lesson 2.1. Why is UX Crucial?

    2. Lesson 2.2. User at the Center of the User's Journey

    3. Lesson 2.3. Keep It Simple

    4. Lesson 2.4. Favor the Familiar

    5. Lesson 2.5. Speed

    6. Lesson 2.6. Usefulness

    7. Lesson 2.7. Security, Stability and Reliability

    8. Quiz 2

    1. Lesson 3.1. The Role of Psychology

    2. Lesson 3.2. Patterns and Perception

    3. Lesson 3.3. Visceral Reactions

    4. Lesson 3.4. Hick’s Law a.k.a. Minimalism

    5. Lesson 3.5. Gestalt Principles

    6. Lesson 3.6. Psychology of Colors

    7. Quiz 3

    1. Lesson 4.1. Speaking through an Interface

    2. Lesson 4.2. Writing Principles for UX

    3. Lesson 4.3. Defining Voice, Tone and Style

    4. Lesson 4.4. How to Map Tone

    5. Lesson 4.5. Creating Voice and Tone Guidelines

    6. Quiz 4

    1. Lesson 5.1. Types of Deliverables

    2. Lesson 5.2. Documenting, Organizing and Auditing Copy

    3. Lesson 5.3. Testing Copy

    4. Lesson 5.4. Introducing Product to Users

    5. Lesson 5.5. Accessibility and Localization

    6. Quiz 5

    1. Review all modules. Pass mark of 80%. Repeatable until you pass.

UX Writing Fundamentals

  • $89.00
  • 35 lessons

What You'll Learn

  • Principles

    UX/UI principles are crucial to understand how to produce the most effective UX writing.

  • Psychology

    Gestalt, Hick's Law, and other psychology theories are used in delivering engaging UI.

  • Voice & Tone

    The voice and tone of a brand is the soul of an interface, which must be carefully implemented for optimized results.

Why UX Writing is Important

Whenever people use an app, browse the web, or operate any product, they interact with UX writing. 

The finest user experience writing is clear, does not require users to think, and makes the whole experience smooth, intuitive, and delightful. 

Why You Need This Course

Learn the skills to be ready for a high-paying UX writing position or simply to better understand how to delight users that convert

  • Write for apps and web sites

  • Increase conversion with UX writing

  • Learn the best practices and tools of the trade

  • Set up a portfolio

  • Get certified as a proof of mastery

Who's This for?

Anyone with interest in creating better user experience, increase conversion, and revenue generation

  • Writers of all stripes: copywriters, technical writers, bloggers, journalists, story tellers.

  • Designers: product designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, web designers.

  • Technologists: engineers, scientists, instructors, researchers.

  • Entrepreneurs, marketers, business managers

  • Non-techie career changers looking for ways to break into the tech industry

Learn UX writing within hours and get hired

Even without any background in tech, learn the skills and principles to nail the job